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Q600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Key features:
wireless sound system with rechargeable battery
Bluetooth streaming and LED light show
This machine is a total of four operating keys,a power switch
Power switch:this switch is a three gears switch,middle to OFF,pulling to the left boot,machine can be broadcast operations,pull open the switch to the right machine with a built-in LED lighting.
PREV/V-:long press for the volume reduction;short press for a funtion,on the FM mode for a radio station.
PLAY/MODE:short press to pause/PLAY funtion,FM state press automatic searching for short.When the bluetooth connection calls short press to get through
Long press this button:as the mode switching function,in the U disk/TF card/FM/AUX/BT switch between
NEXT/V+:long press for the volume,short press for the NEXT function,in the FM state to the NEXT station.
MODE:short press for the MODE switch,bluetooth-TF-U-FM-LINIIN switching between five functions.

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